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1. The ticket problem of 2NE1

The K-pop dance group came to Japan. The friend of my Netherlands or Austria also knew the dance group. Therefore, I think that the dance group is famous. The name of their group is 2NE1.  The news story is this. >>> Link

Means: 70000 of the Japanese debut tour tickets of four female group 2NE1 were sold out within the day put on the market. It is said that the ticket application exceeded 300,000 affairs. Affiliation record company Avex of Japan clarified on September 5. 2NE1 will hold a total of six tour concerts from the 19th in Yokohama, Kobe, and Chiba. The Japanese debut mini-album "NOLZA" will be put on the market on the 21st.

News explains that 2NE1 is extremely popular. In spite of the group which has not held a concert once, they still sold no less than 70000 tickets at Japan. Furthermore, 230000 fans who cannot buy a ticket existed.


This is a capture of Yahoo! Auctions of several days after.

The ticket put on the market for 9000 yen (=$117.14) per sheet was knocked down for 1300 yen (=$16.92) at the auction.

Don't you think that it is amusing?

Several days before and this are popular tickets which 230000 fans failed to buy.

If it usually becomes, a price should go up.

It is also strange that only four persons have the person who offered a bid. 

Yahoo! Auctions is the biggest auction site in Japan. Therefore, it is possible that 2NE1 is unpopular. Probably, the announcement of 300000 persons by Avex is also a lie.

Many South Korean waves tell such an exaggerated lie, and try to deceive people who know nothing.

2. K-POP All star Live in Niigata

8/20,The k-pop concert was held in Niigata Prefecture in Japan. The South Korean television station sponsored.
It is a big event with which 12 sets of K-pop singers gather.
Fuji Television of Japan broadcast the situation. It is the lower photograph which captured the broadcast.

It seems that all are enjoyed.

Mmm, Please see well.

Almost no visitor is in the second floor and the third floor. 

It is said that no less than 43000 spectators gathered according to the announcement.
It is a stadium into which only 42000 persons can go.

As for the second floor and the third floor, it is strange that the spectator exceeding the accommodation number enters in spite of a vacant seat.

k-pop always tells a lie exaggeratedly.

to be continued