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The criticism to Fuji Television Network has extended as written by "Sousuke Takaoka vs Fuji TV".
It was Twitter and a bulletin board to have expanded the criticism.

Especially, there were quite a lot of responses of the bulletin board. The responses increased most as for bulletin board "2ch" since it established in 1999.

And, the our how many people or the demonstration was planned.  And, it was opened to the public on the Internet, and the participant was recruited. The date is August 7, 2011. The purpose of the demo is "Fuji Television Network should stop the inclination broadcasting of South Korea" "Maintaining developing is a role of media as for the culture of Japan". 

The demo was called "Stroll association" on August 7, and the demo of the real thing was decided on August 21.

They demanded the following three points from Fuji Television Network.

"Fair report" "Report without lie" "Broadcasting along profit in country"

Usually, the Japanese doesn't demo because it is very peaceful and obedient. The demo is very unusual for the Japanese.

There is no thing that I also joined in a demo.

And, August 7, 2011...Appearance of departure point.

At first, there were no one.

The person increases little by little.

There are a lot of participation of the woman.

The people who gather move to Fuji Television Network.

This is a woman of the dog lover who protests against Bosintang (Dog's pot dish).

200,000 people or more watched in total.

He who was solitary was able also to join safely.

In the announcement of the police, 2500 people or more joined in a demo. 

And, they yelled slogans in chorus in front of the company of Fuji Television Network. 

The child and the woman also participated. The fight did not happen, and there was no injured person.

It seemed to be Japanese, and a demo not extreme ended safely.


The TV station where this demo had been broadcast did not exist at all.

It was only a net media and a part of small newspaper that reported demo.

There were some reports in foreign countries while major media of Japan had not been reported at all.

Media of Japan threw away the role.