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The information control by Fuji Television Network written in "KOREAN WAVE IN JAPAN" is continuing now.
Some Japanese noticed this information control for several years.

The person who makes this situation famous is a Sousuke Takaoka. 

He muttered by Twitter so on July 23.


I talk honestly. I do not see it at all though there were a lot of indebted things in 8 channels.(8 channel=Fuji Television Network)  I often think that it is a TV station in South Korea. Often. I think that we Japanese are requesting the tradition program of Japan. When the South Korea program is seen, I make the television a power-off. Goodbye.


What country is here?I want to ask it. ^^I am very unpleasant.! I'm sorry if you like it.I think the brainwash to be a very unpleasant.

This remark becomes a problem, and Takaoka was dismissed from the public entertainments office.

Well, the main remark of Takaoka is such the one.

This was received, and many of TV stations and the celebrities made remarks so.

"Twitter is dangerous. "By Fukuoka Broadcasting System (Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated)July 29

"It is labeled by him the racist. Because the impression is bad, the return is impossible. " By Fukuoka Broadcasting System (Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated) July 29

"Because Korean boom has demand, and has the person who wants to see it, the person who criticizes is foolish. "By Tokai Television Broadcasting Company, Limited (Fuji Television Network-affiliated) July 29

"Terrible repulsion has come." Jun Hamamura (Commentator of radio) July 30

"He not only uses foul language but also is very impolite. " Jun Hamamura (Commentator of radio) July 30

"It is too childish ! " Kenichiro Mogi (Brain scholar) July 30

"Because the balderdash with low level is already unnecessary, let's everyone studies hard. " Kenichiro Mogi (Brain scholar) July 30

Most of the person who had taken up the remark criticized Takaoka. 

I want you to recall it. He is not doing the racial discrimination. Of course, South Korea is not criticized.

He is criticizing "Fuji Television Network that makes the South Korea boom by force".

He says, "The brainwash on the television is unpleasant".

On purpose mistook it, a lot of people who had commented interpreted his remark.

Especially, the criticism of M is an imperative sentence, and the point under discussion has come off greatly. 


August 8, Look at Fuji TV ! Goodnight.


Because the balderdash with low level is already unnecessary, let's everyone studies hard. If Japan is the state as it is, the levels will become low countries most. Patriotism of lie, Foolish self-insistence, submission to power; toadyism that no one follows, I think that Japan becomes not good if these are not thrown away. Let's crush "The University of Tokyo" and "MEXT" for the time being. Goodnight.

(MEXT=Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)


***(Because it is strange Japanese, I do not understand the meaning. It seems that it is a contact to the friend.)


The television program criticism and this are another. It is too childish ! It is not bad where of Korean boom either. It is an age of the globalism now. A childish home country cultural principle will make not only the fool but also Japan a weakness more and more. 

His sentences are more aggressive than it feels it in English though not being possible to translate well is regrettable.

His tweet  that is an aggressive, violent wording, it pretends the victim before one is aware. In addition, it is being concluded by him that T is xenophobia.

I presented some evidences of the biased media account on the page of "Korean wave in Japan". That's truth. 

A lot of Japanese feel it. It is not a plot but a reality. I present another fact further.

Kenichiro Mogi is famous. Because enormous amount of tax evasion case was done. Link 

He is called "King evade a tax" "Tax evasion brain" .

His amount of money of the tax evasion was 400 million yen (=5.2044 million U.S. dollars). 

Can you trust the person who does fraudulence to the country?

Well, The people who had the doubt in the bashing of Sousuke Takaoka gathered in the Internet bulletin board.

People who wanted to defend a free remark gathered in the bulletin board, too.

The people who disliked brainwash with media gathered in the bulletin board, too.

The wave that they had caused became a demonstration to Fuji Television Network and gushed