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The picture that the junior high school student of Incheon drew is put on the subway station. 

The Incheon Metropolitan City is a big city in third in South Korea. Inchon has a huge international airport., and a lot of travelers visit.

This picture seems to want to break Japan with the knife. All over the world praises it.

How about you?Do you want to make Japan blood-stained?

The national flag is trampled down.

The national flag is recommended to be trampled down in this education.

The author of this picture is wishing the thing that Japan dies.

It is a justice to bomb Japan to the deprivation of Takeshima.

The national flag of Japan is a fuel.

When Japan dies, let's give it in the incense stick.

Japan was defeated because of the great difference. South Korea is happy.

Let's kill the Japanese with a nuclear bomb!

What kind of adult does this child who wants to use a nuclear bomb become?

Japan is attacked from Takeshima in Korea.

Japan must not touch Takeshima.

Sailor Moon said, "Takeshima is a South Korea territory".

...However, Sailor Moon is Japan Animation.

Is South Korea recommending the group assault from the discussion?

Violence to the Japanese is a justice.

The Prime Minister (koizumi 2001-2006) in Japan is a dog.

Japan is made of the excrement of a Korean peninsula.

Takeshima makes Japan kneel.

Step and crush the Japanese who resists it.!

Let's urinate in the national flag of Japan.

I think that you should stop urinating in the presence of others. Because it is shameful in the advanced country. 

The Japanese must bleed and die.

Is he yearning to the indiscriminate murder?

Put the Japanese in the cage.

Japan is garbage.

The thing to step on the national flag of Japan is splendid South Korean.