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The demo that took permission according to a formal procedure was done on August 21.

This demo is the one that neatly takes the permission of the demo, and was done by an official method.

Participants at the time of beginning of the demo were 4000 people.

Finally, the person began to increase gradually, and it became a large-scale demo that exceeded 20000 and.

This demo also had neither fight nor those who injured. The demo who seemed to be very Japanese.

It is correct. As for Fuji Television Network, it is not fair at all.


Signboard above : It is necessary to prohibit the crossing ownership.

Signboard below : Why does not the mass communication report "Truth"?

It was a usual demonstration by the normal people. There were a lot of participation in the child and the family, too.

Common folk have the long list of complaints in Fuji Television Network. This is a usual demo by the normal people. There were neither a hate speech nor a discriminatory slur.

A quiet Japanese calmly expressed anger.

This demonstration divided into two stages, and "Channel Sakura" did a strong insistence a little in the latter half.

"rightist" has intruded into on the way.

Some "rightist" are composed of the "Zainichi Korean (Korean with the status of special permanent residents of Japan)". Yakuza and Korean Mafia in Japan also are joining. They are extreme violence organizations.

You will wonder that the Zainichi Korean exists in "Rightist (=conservatism)" in Japan. However, it is true.

According to the National Police Agency, 7 groups of 22 groups were Zainichi Korean's violence organizations.

Television interests have a deep relation to yakuza for a long time.

It is rumored, "They were called by Fuji Television Network". 

If only this photograph is seen, "Demonstration by the racist" and you will misunderstand it.

Do not make a mistake.

They are protesting against Fuji Television Network. They do not discriminate the South Korean. Because they are not racists.

Major media never reported this demo again.

A small several magazine and local newspaper only reported it.

Journalism in all Japan died.

And, the Korean wave push continues from a lot of media including Fuji Television Network also today.