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Does the Korean boom (Korean wave) exist really in Japan?

I want to think as an example of Fuji Television Network with most reports concerning South Korea.

Fuji Television Network has a lot of sales in the TV station in Japan.

It is a ranking during year.
2010 Single Best 50 >>>

As you see, the proportion of K-pop in CD sales is about 5%. 

It progresses if it is considered because ago was 0% by about ten years.

Moreover, 16th, 26th, 28th, 49th, place and the result of the ranking of K-pop are not good.

Small number of fans exist. However, it is not because of greatly becoming popular.

Then, why does Fuji Television Network excessively beautify Korea?

The answer is simple. It is because of wanting money.

The Stealth marketing is prohibited in a lot of advanced nations.

But the Stealth marketing is not prohibited in Japan. And, Fuji Television Network is acquiring the copyright of a lot of K-pop.

In a word, Fuji Television Network advertises K-pop free of charge in the program, and has put out the profit from the copyright of CD.


Market share























 By Recording Industry In Numbers 2009

This is CD sales of classification by countries comparison. There is a massive market in Japan.

Next, it thinks about the audience rating of the program.

This is an audience rating graph of program "smap smap" of Fuji Television Network. Man group "smap" in Japan attracts various guests every week, and the talk show is done.

In the point not displayed, the program is holiday. 

Because the new year is a special program, it omits it. (A lot of Japanese turn the television on at the new year. )

The audience rating changes between from 12 to 14% as shown in the graph.

The week of Lady Gaga had a high audience rating. That makes sense. Because She is a wonderful artist

The second was a popular child part who had gone out to the drama in Japan. 

These two peaks stand out.

Korean star's Jang Keun-suk appeared the next week of Lady Gaga. 

Fuji Television Network should have said so. "Prince Jang Keun-suk of the large activity in Asia"

It is the usual audience rating.

The Japanese in recent years was exchanging it with America and European countries. Many of Japanese do not know the thing of South Korea so much. Therefore, Fuji Television Network is actively beautifying South Korea.

It is not bad to beautify South Korea though I say for attention.
However, neither an excessive beautification nor the lie are good.

"KARA" where Fuji Television Network had the copyright was reported that as many as 3000 people also had gathered fans live. However, there are only about hundreds of people there even if the passer-by is matched.

The fan of 800 people surged to the airport for "Girls' Generation". ...I do not seem to have the fan of 800 people here. 

Of course, Fuji Television Network has a copyright. It is overzealous coverage for the advertisement.

In a famous program of daytime, it introduced a popular pizza menu. The first place is a Bulgogi-pizza. 

When the ranking of the same store was examined with the web, it was 6th place.

Such an information control is an everyday experience.

2011/08/03 The woman was dragged to the car by hundreds of meters, and the event where it severely injured occurred.


 Content of report of TV bureau

 TV Asahi Corporation

 Suspect's nationality and name were reported.

 Nippon Television Network Corporation

 The suspect's nationality and name and work were reported.

 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television,Inc.

 The suspect's nationality and name and work were reported.

 Fuji Television Network, Inc.

 The suspect was expressed, only "Man". Link(cache)

Here is a recent event. It is a report when the lecturer of Taekwondo causes woman's murder.

When South Korea is associated from the signboard "Taekwondo", only Fuji Television Network seems to be embarrassed.

Therefore, the mosaic is put, and the character is erased.

There is a tendency not to do a negative report to South Korea also in the newspaper.

But, it is Fuji Television Network to conceal most extremely. 

Fuji Television Network often broadcasts figure skating. However, Fuji Television Network hates national flag and national and Japanese player.




 Fuji Television


 Miki Ando


 The national anthem was not broadcast.


 Mao Asada


 The national anthem was not broadcast.


 Kim Yuna

 South Korea

 The national anthem of South Korea was broadcast.


 Mao Asada


 The national anthem and victory run was not broadcast.  Link


 Miki Ando


 The national anthem was broadcast. But, The Japan earthquake assistance production of the host nation Russia is cut.

Instead, the feature of Jonah the Kim program is broadcast.

It is an event in World Figure Skating Championships.

The national anthem of Japan has little broadcast thing by Fuji Television Network. 2011 year is a crueller situation.

Fuji Television Network cut the scene to which Russia had specially produced Japan that had received catastrophic damage due to the earthquake. (I'm sorry for everybody gentle in Russia...To our regret, the mind was transmitted though we were not able to see the scene. We appreciate you all.)

Even other sports are similar. FIFA Women's World Cup...

In FIFA Women's World Cup, the scene of the victory ceremony was not broadcast.  Link

Various anti-day activity was admitted, and the top of Fuji Television Network got the honorary doctorate from the university in South Korea.  Link

It does the biased report telling a lie.

It is broadcast to an own profit straightening. It is not broadcasting for the viewer and the truth.

The foregin criminals other than the South Korean do an accurate report.

A South Korean criminal alone doesn't specially display the nationality.

The national flag of Japan is not broadcast.

The broadcasting stance of the largest TV station in Japan becomes it like this when easily bringing it together.

I intentionally belittled Japan by Fuji Television Network, and enumerated the example of praising South Korea. 

Did you understand the South Korea boom was a concoction of Fuji Television Network?

To sell its own contents (South Korea contents), Fuji Television Network tried to make the South Korea boom.

In Fuji Television Network, a lot of other scandals exist. Therefore, it becomes a major issue in Japan.

How do you feel it?

To be continued